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  • Regulatory Reporting


    Agile team has assisted several clients with implementing Federal, SEC and European Regulatory Reporting solutions such as CCAR, FRY-9C, Form PF to name a few

    508 Compliant Reporting

    BIRT Solution


    Learn how Agile Consulting Makes Information More Accessible to Everyone through its 508 Compliant BIRT Reporting Solution.


    In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act, introducing Section 508, which now requires all federal agencies to eliminate any barriers in information technology, making available new opportunities for people with disabilities and encouraging the development of technologies to achieve those goals.

    But with the introduction of Section 508, a new business challenge emerged. How do you create 508 Compliant PDF reports that are accessible to disabled users? PDF files provide ease of use, flexibility in format and have become the industry standard in both desktop publishing and document security. They are a large part of web-based information, available either on websites themselves or as attached supporting documents for download and use. But despite the format flexibility, there are some unique and difficult challenges associated with these files when document managers attempt to make them accessible. A key requirement when making a PDF document Section 508 compliant is generating the proper tree structure and tagging so that accessibility software such as JAWS (Windows Screen Reading Software) can read the document clearly and precisely to benefit visually-impaired readers.

    Leveraging the BIRT Technology from Actuate, Agile Consulting developed and implemented a Section 508 compliant reporting solution for a leading non-profit organization. JAVA library components – including 508 Design Extensions and 508 Runtime Extensions – were developed to support the 508 compliance requirements, with integrated tree structure and tagging. A BIRT Runtime engine was then used to produce the report, which was converted into a PDF using the Open Source PDF conversion software iText. A few thousand Section 508 compliant reports are now generated on a daily basis using this solution, and are made available via a secure website to consumers.

    Web Based EDI Solution

    Electronic Data Interchange


    Agile Consulting presents an innovative user-friendly Web based EDI solution (Electronic Data Interchange) for B2B Financial data transfers.


    There are several challenges faced by the various industries with B2B data transfers such as data formats, data mapping, data quality of data files.

    Agile Web based EDI Solution is a innovative, user-friendly, secure, cost effective Web based EDI solution (as opposed to conventional FTP or ETL solutions developed to address the above mentioned challenges resulting in tangible benefits (cost and time savings) for clients (sender and recipient) involved in a B2B data transfer.

    This solution is ideal for the financial institutions offering services such as 401(K), Stock Options, ESPP where they receive participant data from Employers periodically. Our solutions enhances the quality of data interchange resulting in an improved service offering for our clients. Agile Solution has all the necessary mapping and conversions available that are required for financial data interchange. Our mapping interface is an easy to use intuitive interface  designed to be used by a business person such as a Relationship Manager or Business Analyst.